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Recycling Guidelines



ALUMINUM Soft drink and beer cans, aluminum foil, pie or dinner trays.
Rinse to remove food debris. Place in bin.
CARDBOARD (Old Corrugated Cardboard) Corrugated box-board in which cases of grocery items, appliances & other products may be packaged.
Break down boxes and flatten. Place in bin.
CHIPBOARD Food cartons, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, cereal boxes, etc.
Remove wax/paper insert from food carton. Flatten. Place in bin.
NEWSPRINT Newspapers.
Bundle in paper bags or loose. Keep dry. Place in bin.
PLASTICS Milk, water and juice jugs, soft drink bottles, colored detergent bottles. Look for symbols with 1 or 2 on bottom of containers.
Rinse and flatten. Remove all lids and pumps. We do not accept motor oil containers or plastics labeled #3-7. Place in bin.
TIN (STEEL) CANS Fruit, vegetable and other food cans. Tin (steel) cans will be attracted by a magnet.
Please rinse. Place in bin.
MAGAZINES Glossy magazine and catalogs.
Bundle in paper bags. Keep dry. Place in bin.


Standard, rechargeable and button.


Drop loose into designated bin mounted at end of drop off unit.

GLASS Bottles and jars. Baby food, fruit, drinks.

Rinse and remove all lids. Place in bin.

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