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Diabetic Syringe (Sharps) Program Update

Are you a diabetic that needs a place to dispose of syringes?

The District has puncture proof containers available to individuals needing this type of assistance. Containers are available at the District office and participating local pharmacies. Once a container has been filled, close the lid and place it in with your regular household garbage.

To obtain a container, call the District at

If you are unable to come to our office to receive a container, follow these guidelines to safely dispose of your sharps. Syringes may be landfilled as long as they are properly stored. Syringes must be placed in a strong plastic container with cap or lid that screws on tightly. Examples: plastic bleach jug or plastic liquid detergent bottle. Avoid glass containers, lightweight plastic containers and containers that could be returned to a store. A full container should be placed in your garbage can with the lid tightly secured.

Helpful Links on SHARPS

Coalition for Safe Community Needle Disposal

Environmental Protection Agency

Fact Sheet on SHARPS

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